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To help us serve you better…

We are here to serve you! Your input is invaluable and appreciated. We do Our best to answer all phone calls and emails received between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. If You leave a voicemail or send an email outside these hours, We may respond the following day. Emailing customersupport@acleanxscape.com is another way to let Us know of your needs, as well as to share feedback on how We are doing.

The following defined terms may be used in conjunction to or interchangeably within the scope of this policy document.  You, Your, or You’re may be used interchangeably with “Client.”  By Client, A Clean Xscape LLC means any person or persons who have agreed for cleaning services to be performed. Us, We, or Our may be used interchangeably with A Clean Xscape LLC. Service technicians may be referred to as “Cleaners.”  A Field Supervisor is any person qualified by A Clean Xscape LLC and is assigned to lead the cleaning team for the service property. Field Supervisors are responsible for scope of work and reporting of incidents during work performance. Administration Personnel, hereafter referred to as “Personnel”, is any person qualified by A Clean Xscape LLC and who works in Sales, Management, or Executive Leadership.

Your Cleaners: Due to fluctuations of our Clients’ needs, We are unable to guarantee the same Cleaners or Field Supervisor each visit; however, We make every effort to offer Cleaners’ consistency when possible. We maintain detailed cleaning notes on each of Our Clients and represent that a concerted effort is made to attend to Your particulars. 

Arrival Time: Please allow the Cleaners flexibility of arriving to all appointments 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after scheduled time. We try to schedule Our cleanings in a manner that requires the least amount of travel time in an effort to maintain Our prices and avoid trip fees. If You require an AM or PM clean time We may be able to accommodate Your request.

Scheduling Changes: We represent that concerted effort of Our Cleaners and Administration Personnel is made to stay on schedule. However, if a change is necessary, We will let You know within a reasonable time frame. We ask that You contact Our office at (877-275-4572) and not the assigned Cleaners for scheduling changes. If You are going out of town, or closing Your business for a holiday, rather than cancel, We would like this opportunity to do some deeper cleaning projects such as: scrub baseboards, or clean the oven.

Supplies: We provide Our own cleaning products, microfiber towels, and service equipment sufficient to perform the scope of work agreed by A Clean Xscape LLC and the Client. We use color coded microfiber methodology to ensure avoidance of cross contamination. All tools and supplies are disinfected after each home is cleaned, to provide an additional layer of cross-contamination prevention. Smells are half the battle to feeling like You’re in a clean home; thus, A Clean Xscape LLC asks that We are informed at the time of Your booking if certain smells or scents are undesirable.

Conduct: We respect Our Clients’ properties. There is no smoking on premises or service vehicles. In addition, A Clean Xscape LLC does not permit Cleaners eating in properties being serviced. Pursuant to previous statement and with the exception thereof, Cleaners may eat in any designated break areas. Cleaners are not permitted to answer Clients’ phone or door. 

Security Alarms: If Your home is equipped with a security system, please ensure that it is in the “off” position, or call Our office with the code and proper directions for use. If the security code changes, please let Us know by contacting Our office to prevent a lock out charge and possible loss of any deposit fees paid to A Clean Xscape LLC.

Accidents: Priceless items, such as fine jewelry–however, not limited to–should be secured in a safe place. Cleaners are not permitted to clean areas or surfaces in which priceless items remain. Please inform the assigned Field Supervisor at the time of Your cleaning of items in the home in which Cleaners should avoid and/or are in ill repair (i.e. a picture not professionally hung, loose knobs/handles, broken appliances, etc).

Occasionally an item in a Client’s home may incur damage. The Field Supervisor must inform our office of the incident within 24 hours of the Client’s cleaning appointment. The Field Supervisor assigned to the specific appointment cleaning will leave the Client with information on the incident and how to follow through with the incident report. Either the Client’s assigned Sales Manager or a member of Office Personnel will contact the Client via an initial email and phone call to follow. A Clean Xscape LLC must make a reasonable attempt to replace or repair the Client’s personal property under fair market value. Clients must submit the appropriate claim form to Our office within 30 days of the reported incident. If claim is closed due to non-submission of appropriate documents from Client, the Client will receive a check for up to $250 as a settlement for any damages. Settlement for any damages on closed claims due to non or improper submission may be at the sole discretion of A Clean Xscape LLC and may no longer be open to negotiations. A Clean Xscape LLC may reserve the right to choose the payment form in which the Client’s claim is settled.

Pets: We love pets! However due to potential health risks, We do not clean litter boxes, urine or feces. If You have a pet, it will need to be absent from the areas in which the Cleaners are servicing.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

We have built our solid business reputation by providing our clients with the best possible service. We offer a 24-Hour Guarantee. Should We not meet Your expectation, phone or email our office within 24 hours of Your service appointment, and We will re-clean the unsatisfactory area(s) for FREE! A Clean Xscape LLC reserves the right to limit scheduling of re-cleans to 7 days from the initial appointment service date.

*Disclaimer: Please note that as much as We would like to think our Cleaners are miracle workers, there are some areas–such as excessive lime scale buildup, rust from water damage, or discolorations–in which Cleaners may not be able to remove in one cleaning. If a walk-through was performed before the cleaning, this will be indicated in Your quote. Otherwise, upon arrival, the Field Supervisor will perform a walk-through of Your home and communicate problem areas at that time. Re-glazed tubs and tile often respond to gentler cleaning treatments. In these cases, second and third cleaning treatments is Our preferred approach.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Xscape Cash Policy A Clean Xscape LLC may advertise Xscape Cash events on the A Clean Xscape homepage and in our other advertising mediums. The dates for earning and redeeming Xscape Cash may be disclosed on ACLEANXSCAPE.COM, other subsidiary websites, and in our print advertising. • Xscape Cash may be earned by booking services online or through monthly subscription packages during event earning periods. • Xscape Cash is earned based on the subscription or service amount and after all applicable discounts. • Promotion dates/time deadlines are based on Arizona– Mountain Standard Time. Xscape Cash is not a legal tender and may only be earned towards residential services. Xscape Cash is not eligible for cash back. Customer may receive a $10 Xscape Cash Coupon for every $90 spent in services. *An additional $10 in value may be added to the coupon for each additional $90 spent in a single transaction (i.e., $235 dollar service will earn $20 in Xscape Cash). Xscape Cash is earned on the amount of net services purchased. Xscape Cash may not be redeemed (1) to purchase cause merchandise or other charitable items; (2) as price adjustments on prior purchases; or (3) to purchase Gift Cards/certificate vouchers. If services purchased earning an Xscape Cash Coupon receives a return credit or price adjustment, the value of the Xscape Cash Coupon previously earned may be adjusted to reflect any unearned value. 

Occasionally, A  Clean Xscape LLC may offer a FREE Promotional Gift to Our Clients. During such times, each qualified Client may receive a gift at the value stated on offer. This may allow A Clean Xscape LLC to substitute gifts of the same value to meet promotional demands.

Non-compete Policy

Independent Hire:

Our Cleaners and Personnel are background checked, references verified, and have completed a two to four months comprehensive cleaning training program, in addition to continual on the job training. Significant time, resources, and finances are invested in Our Cleaners. We also invest significant resources in acquiring You, our new Client. Each employee signs a non-compete agreement. The terms of the agreement stipulate that Cleaners and Personnel shall not offer independent-contractor, cleaning or advisory services to any Client during the course of employment with A Clean Xscape LLC and within a period of two years from the Cleaner’s or Personnel last day of employment. Cleaners and Personnel shall not solicit Our client base in any marketing or advertising efforts. These soliciting efforts include, but are not solely limited to: Social Media Channels, Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns, Emails and/or other Email Campaigns, Telephone, or at any of the Client’s service appointments booked through A Clean Xscape LLC or through any cleaning service in which A Clean Xscape may deem to be a direct competition in the industry.

Clients shall not solicit for direct hire any Cleaner or Personnel during the course of employment with A Clean Xscape LLC and within a period of two years after the last cleaning service provided by A Clean Xscape LLC and Cleaners. Should the Client solicit a Cleaner or Personnel for direct hire pursuant to the previous statements, A Clean Xscape LLC may be entitled to equitable remedies.

Privacy Policy